Apple /Mac Data Recovery

Data loss is a real intimidation for everyone, even Mac users. It can feel endlessly annoying and discouraging to discover that your files aren’t on your computer anymore. Maybe your personal data loss story begins in the smoky ashes of a house fire, or maybe it begins with unintentionally deleting the wrong folder and emptying the recycle bin. In both cases, recovering all or some of your files is possible. The difference is determining whether the scenario is physical or logical in nature.


Logical Data Loss

Logical data loss happens when the file path has been removed or corrupted. There’s nothing wrong with the physical device; rather, there is something wrong with the logical steps that your operating system uses to access the file. In other scenarios, a virus may have corrupted the file path, or maybe your computer crashed while you were working on a paper.

Physical Data Loss

Physical data loss occurs when the actual components of your hard drive are damaged or worn out. Physical components are just like any other device. They will wear out and stop working. You hear strange clicking noises coming from the hard drive. The computer doesn’t identify the drive. You dropped your computer or recovered it from a fire, flood or other calamity.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is a traumatic and wearisome job. There are a number of Mac compatible data recovery applications available on the Apple market which maybe be ok to use when recovering ‘low risk data’ yet we strongly warn against using recovery software if your hard drive is faulty and/or your missing data is business critical, valuable or irreplaceable. You’ll need to send your hard drive to a qualified recovery technician to open the drive in a certified clean room. As a result, physical data recoveries are costly, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

The Best Mac Data Recovery Service

GTA offers data recovery services for Apple products to help you recover lost, deleted, corrupt or damaged files from your Apple device. Our skilled & qualified engineers use an extensive range of special recovery tools and techniques to recover lost messages, pictures, audio and video files from Apple devices. We treat every device in a Class 5 clean room to retain the highest industry standards.

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