Server Recovery

Though servers are supposed to be well equipped with data backup systems, they may not always work in your goodwill. Server recovery is one of the worst nightmares for an organization. When a server hard drive failure happens on a system hosting a mission-critical program, the results can be disastrous – definitely not the best time to choose a “do it yourself strategy”. Once your data is gone, it is usually too difficult to recover to its original condition, no matter how hard you try and re-configure your system. This leads to loss of valued data. Data loss is to be dealt with great caution

Developing A Server Recovery Action Plan

Planning assists to avoid one of the biggest data killers, PANIC. One of the easiest ways to plan for server data recovery is simply to collect essential resources like vendor sites, support forums and hard drive recovery companies and have that information available for all IT staff. No one wants to be running around looking for these important links when the organization is frozen because of a dead server.

Choose a Professional Service        

Server crashes or data loss can have results that you would never like to face, so it is wise to prefer a professional service to avoid precious losses.

Hiring professionals for server recovery is also an investment if you want to save vital business information. Computer specialists, professional programmers, forensic experts and hardware engineers make up the perfect team at an experienced company.

Now, data recovery service professionals working 24/7 to help you deal with data loss, you can actually take a sigh of relief. Data recovery services may make a number of promises but a sensible customer should not be fooled and do his homework before hiring on any service.

Why US?

You may also have an option using server recovery software programs to solve your ‘recovery related’ problems. But these software programs may not provide you the desired results if the server system and the hard disk damages are too vast. Therefore, the need for data server recovery systems and professionals is really important. So, if you face a server crash, do not panic as GTA data recovery service providers will be at your doorstep.

You may require our help in the following situations:

  • If server displays error message while boot-up.
  • Inaccessible hard drive volumes or partitions
  • Corrupt system files or file system
  • Virus infection
  • Hard drive component failure
  • Hard drive corruption
  • Media surface damage
  • Natural disasters like flood, fire and earthquake

Choose GTA Data Recovery Services in any server failure whether its

  • Microsoft Exchange & other email server
  • File Server
  • Database server
  • Web server
  • Virtual servers
  • SQL servers

Our Trained & certified engineers ensure your working back on track.

Database Recovery

The procedure to resolve any kind of database failures, rapidly and without data loss and maintain database highly accessible is called database recovery. The major elements of database recovery are the most recent database backups. If you maintain database backup competently, then database retrieval is very straight forward practice.

The backup technique that you keep during your daily usage of the database verifies the amount of data that you can recover from the database in case of storage media damage or in case of unintentional failure or removal. Saving your back up files on another storage media in a separate place will minimize the occurrence of loss of back up files in case of storage media destruction. This will help safeguard of database in recovery process.

What to do After Database Failure?

Corrupted database files occur due to many reasons such as: human errors, hardware malfunction and system software failure. Main job of the database administrator is to plan for the possibility of hardware, software, network, process, or system failure. If such a failure influences the operation of a database system, you should typically recover the database and back to usual operation as soon as possible.

There are several products that are called database recovery system. These products claim to recover the data from corrupted database files (Dbf). Database recovery system can be software that you utilize to recover the lost data by yourself or could be done through a service provider that is expert in recovering lost data. Obviously each method has its pros and cons. For instance, when you manage to recover the data by yourself you are cutting the cost to the smallest level but you are risking your data because you can lose the data permanently due to a mistake in the process.

Why A Professional?

Depending on database recovery system supplied by specialized companies make sure that if there is a gap to regain the data, the company will make their best to make use of this gap to recover the gone data. Hiring an expert company is pricier but if you are recovering valuable information in your database then this amount of money is considered as an investment because you cannot afford losing this type of information.

Why Us?

We have a solution no matter how the Database has lost. GTA’s World class facilities, years of experience and a team of skilled experts provide the best data retrieval services.

When you choose to use a database recovery system provided through GTA, you will get an assurance usage of required tools and techniques, a clean-room equipped with air purifying system to manage such operations.

Finally, you can spare yourself this hassle by trusting our IT professionals and technology for database recovery services.

You can trust our experts for the best chances of data recovery.

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